Plastica have developed a unique solution for underground ductwork. Historically such application may have used a metallic ductwork system. Such systems prove to be subject to corrosion, both internally and externally, and mechanical failure due to ground, and other external factors.

Plastica is an all Plastic Construction, utilising a unique bracing system designed to enhance the mechanical structure whilst only offering a very low pressure drop, normally a K factor of 0.2 can be used.

The ductwork size can be completely variable; hence the most economic system as the amount of ground preparation can be limited.

The system has an excellent thermal insulation property, with a thermal conductivity of 0.22 W/M.
However, should the design call for enhanced thermal insulation, with the external bracing system, additional insulation can easily be applied.

The material has excellent Ball impact strength and shore hardness characteristics,

Plastica also has a self-coloured uPVC ductwork which is ideally suited to the corrosive atmosphere encountered within swimming pools which is aesthetically pleasing and is available in large diameters, rectangular and square cross sections.

The ductwork is available in any BS or RAL colour making it ideal where the ductwork is exposed on either supply or extract air systems.
We also have our unique discreet bracketing system incorporating a reinforced stiffener along the top of the duct from which the brackets are fixed eliminating the need for untidy clip bands around the duct.

Spigots can also be fitted to the ductwork prior to delivery to suit any grille configuration.

Ductwork is available in various materials including uPVC, uPVC/GRP, PP and PP/GRP.

Also available in Factory Mutual 4910 & 4922 materials. Sizes range from 125 Dia to 3000 Dia and also available in rectangular. Construction specifications include DW154, SMACNA and other international standards.

Plastica have successfully completed another underground Plastic Ductwork project.

Plastica were commissioned by a leading UK design and build contractor to undertake the design, construction and installation of a Ductwork system at a state-of-the-art new build, multi-functional leisure complex which included a swimming pool.

Constructed in corrosion resistant Upvc and manufactured to an enhanced DW154 specification, the system installed offers the perfect solution to meet the client’s needs. Over 150 meters of ductwork was installed, with sizes ranging from 1250 to 750 diameters, which now successfully forms part of the building’s air distribution engineering system.

The image shows the ductwork laid in position prior to back filling.