Mist Eliminators

Mist eliminators are available for both horizontal and vertical air flows.

The technology used allows the units to be either as the final stage of separation within a wet scrubbing process, or as a standalone application.

Series T00

The range of units have been designed around a double bank of highly successful specially profiled eliminator blades. These curved blades utilise the greater inertia mass of the droplet to entrain and remove them from the airstream. Each droplet is first impinged then runs down the blades to be collected in the sump. This system, correctly used, ensures that the discharged gas is below the legally required limit.
The units are able to operate in a dry condition to assist in the recovery and reuse in the case of chrome droplet removal. As the chrome can quickly build-up on the blades a blade wash down facility is provided

Pressure Drop : The graph shown above gives the pressure drop and limit drop size per bank. These are for the blades only any additional losses for the inlet and outlet tapers, etc, need also to be taken into consideration.