Heat Exchangers

Our heat exchangers are designed as a composition module from single device units and manufactured from sturdy plastic panels to create a solid construction. The connection of each cube/device unit as external flanges with an inlaid sealing.

Design Versions
• Fans internal or external
• Heat/cold recovery made from plastics or coated steel
• Optional bypass for inspection of the heat exchanger during the operation
• Optional silencers or damped fan chamber
• Optional air filter
• Optional humidifier
• Indoor/outdoor installation

Benefits of choosing Plastcon Heat exchangers

• High resistance against aggressive media
• Long durability
• Reduction of operating costs
• Reduction of environmental pollution
• Amortisation within 3-5 years (depending on design & energy costs)
• Highest possible variability for adaption to structural conditions
• Warranty on all components
• Easy maintenance with chamber doors
• Unit easy to clean with water or acid cleaner