Specialist Plastic Ductwork Contractors

Corrosion of exhaust ductwork can prove to be an expensive issue.

Not only does corrosion lead to loss of extraction efficiencies, with all its subsequent ramifications. Replacement incurs capitol cost, strip out time, effects on the actual building fabric, and considerable down time.

Plastcon offers a broad choice of corrosion resistant fume ductwork systems, plastic ductwork and components.

Materials of construction including, but not limited to

• uPVC
• PP
• PPs
• cPVC

All reinforced with GRP if necessary.

Plastic Ductwork can be supplied to the following specifications;

• DW154
• FM4922
• FM4910

Of course, hybrid specifications can be developed to achieve project specific objectives.

Fume Ductwork cleaning can be accommodated to TR19 standards, and pressure tested to DW144

PE-EL and PP-EL is a high-heat resistant, UV-stabilised, electrically conductive product designed for explosion protection to counteract static.PE, and PE-EL can e be used in the construction of fume ductwork, fans, tanks and vessel construction.

Plastic can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres where sparks might occur as a result of static.

The materials are also available polyester-backed for larger fabrications.

Special properties;

• Electrically conductive
• High resistance to UV rays
• Good impact strength
• Normal flammability
• Good chemical resistance
• Temperature range -20 to +80°C
• Normal flammability
• Suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with ATEX

Our engineering resource will provide a first class service to help coordinate, design and project manage your ductwork requirements.

To complete the scheme we also offer

• Fans
• Dampers
• Stacks
• Hoods

Design, construction, and Installation